30 Days to Change My Life (It’s Do or Die Time)

I’ll be playing in the state championships with my tennis team in Houston at the end of next month. I’m our line 1 singles player and will be playing multiple singles and doubles matches over a 3 day period to help our team go for the win.

That said, I’m not happy with my body and life on a number of levels and will need to improve myself between now and then to have success on and off the court.

A few things I’m dissatisfied with right now…

I’m a pretty athletic guy in terms of stamina and fight on the tennis court, but ultimately I’m overweight at 48 years young, 6’3″ and 212 lbs. I have a bit of a dad bod with a little belly on me.

I’m not able to do pull ups. This is an area of strength in my body that I’ve never developed.

In the last few months, I’ve had some blurry vision issues.

I don’t sleep very well. I wake up regularly throughout the night and go to the restroom at least 3-4 times.

I don’t currently make as much money as I need to do all the things my family and I want and need to do.

So the things I’m determined to change are…

My weight and fitness. I think my ideal weight at this time in my life is between 195-200 lbs.

My vision. I’ve always had great vision near and far. The blurriness I’m experiencing when I work on the computer or read is very concerning. I believe that natural vision therapy and the right nutrients can correct this.

My sleep. My goal is to be able to sleep through the night with a maximum of only 1 or 2 wakeups.

My income. I intend to increase my monthly income by at least $10,000 within the next 90 days.

The new actions I’ll take over the next 30 days to move me toward my goals…

Body and fitness:

– 2 rounds of 250 jumps on my Bellicon rebounder daily.
– 10 minutes on my vibration plate in front of my infrared light panel daily.
– Dead hang and do pull up starter exercises on my pull up bar 5 minutes daily.
– 30 minutes in my infrared sauna daily.
– Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and take a berberine supplement before each meal.
– Increase daily fiber and polyphenol intake, and hydration.
– Have an 8 hour or less daily feeding window focused on high quality proteins, healthy fats and lower carbs.
– 2 rounds of the Zach Bush 4-minute workout daily.
– 1 round of 5 Tibetans daily.
– Hang upside down on my Teeter for 5 minutes daily.
– 1 hour stretching on my yoga mat daily.
– 2 15-minute meditations daily.


– No eating after 6pm.
– Wear blue blocking glasses starting at 6pm daily.
– Take sleep support supplements and tea in the evening.
– Track sleep with Oura ring daily to review my analytics.


– 15 minutes of eye therapy exercises daily.
– Take my vision support supplement stack daily.


– Read and practice Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I have not had an income breakthrough in a long time. Despite starting many new projects and businesses over the last 7 years in an effort to achieve a significantly higher income, my overall income has remained stagnant with some income streams growing and others declining or going away.

I believe there has to be something within me that is blocking me from experiencing the income breakthrough I’ve been working to achieve. When I went to the bookstore recently, I was attracted to Becoming Supernatural and have decided that it will be a catalyst for me to uncover and change the limitations within me that are creating limitations in my financial life.

– Focus on increasing the value of the services I provide, and reaching more people who will benefit from my services.

I’m starting this journey today. I will report insights and results along the way as I’m inspired to do so, and share what’s changed for me after 30 days of initiating the game plan above.

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25 days ago

It is all about discipline. Now I know that it is easier said but when you think of the benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle, it will be enough motivation to help us push to meet our 30-day challenges especially when we can begin to feel and see the results.  

25 days ago


These are great goals and some that I need to set for myself. I am 67 years old. I’ll focus on one of the items you mentioned: getting up 2 to 3 times to go to the bathroom. Have you had your prostate checked? In the 40’s is when enlargement can start. Mine had gotten so enlarged that I was also waking up in the night often. Sometimes, the beginning would be painful and stream was weak. It would take forever to empty the bladder. I finally saw a urologist 5 years ago. I had a minimally invasive procedure performed that reduced the size of the prostate. Now, I sleep the entire night, rarely get up for a trip to the bathroom. Urination is quick! This may be something that won’t be fixed with the steps you mentioned about sleep If you haven’t had it checked, I would encourage you to do so. Annual physical examination should be a part of every goal. 

Best regards! 

– Scott

Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards
30 days ago

Hi, I was extremely interested in the exercises demonstrated and recommended on your website. I am a keen runner and run almost every day, except for 1 day that I dedicate to core strength and 1 day rest. I liked the Zach Bush 4 minute workout which I will incorporate into my daily routines. I also was especially impressed with the 5 Tibetans, which I am not familiar with, so I will do more research and reading about these, and restart doing yoga exercises since yoga is something I practised a long time ago, but think that I should restart. The Teeter exercise equipment was also good and I will revisit those, again things that I am not familiar with, although I do use a rowing machine in my current exercise plan. There is definitely a lot that individuals can do to maintain their own health and fitness and I will revisit your website for some great guidance and inspiration, Alan

Bob Lynch
Bob Lynch
1 month ago

Hey there! Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I enjoyed reading your article “30 Days to Change My Life: It’s Do or Die Time.” Seriously, it’s like you took the thoughts right out of my head and put them on the screen! Your journey to make significant changes in just 30 days is not only inspiring but also incredibly relatable. I admire your courage to take on such a challenge head-on and share your experiences with us.

One thing that really struck a chord with me was when you talked about the importance of setting specific, achievable goals. It got me thinking about my own goals and how I can break them down into smaller, manageable steps like you did. I’d love to hear more about the strategies you used to stay motivated throughout the 30 days. Did you have any moments where you felt like giving up, and if so, how did you push through? Thanks for sharing your journey—I’m rooting for you all the way!

1 month ago

Inspiring read, Stone.  I’m cheering you on to reach your goals and for victory at the state tennis tournament.  Change isn’t easy and I agree that it’s likely something within that’s causing the blocks to happen. I found this to be the case with me and did a lot of work to uncover limiting beliefs of unworthiness and poverty mindset to transform them into abundance and confidence.  

I look forward to hearing about your progress and wish you the best of luck at the tourney!