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My name is Stone Evans. I am the developer of the Plug-In Profit Site. In 1998, I had my first child and the demands of life were growing fast. I was an entrepreneur with my own restaurant and magazine, but I was struggling to make financial ends meet.

At that time, I read a book called Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen, and my life changed. I knew I had to develop multiple streams of income for the security and prosperity of my family, and I turned to the internet and affiliate programs to make it happen.

A few years later, I created the Plug-In Profit Site and have been developing it ever since as a way to help myself and others make money in 5 of the Internet’s top business opportunities. Details >

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My business philosophy is to serve others by developing tools and training that help other people achieve their online business goals faster and easier. Service is at the heart of most truly successful businesses, as it is with mine. My ability to build a thriving online business which has been growing steadily since 1999 is due to the services I provide. I believe that money is the applause you get for services that benefit others, and in many cases the more money someone has been able to attract into their life is due largely to the number of people a person or business has helped and the degree to which those people have gained value. You can join my team here.

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